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Water Lessons

The water lessons have recently been revised and the Department of Education's Hawaii Content and Performance Standards III have been incorporated. Please submit an evaluation form (74k) for every lesson that you download to MGF. Your feedback is appreciated!

Water Activity for grades 4 and up:
crossword puzzle (42k); crossword puzzle answers (276k)

Grades 2-3

The Wheel of Water (457k); Water Cycle Diagram (195k): Understanding the water cycle; water saving tips, water prevention tips, Wheel of Water board game, and a closeup study of the water cycle using a terrarium.

Be a Water Watcher (192k); activity sheet (3Mb): Discovering water usage and water conservation; activities include a water campaign and desalinating water in the classroom.

It's Raining It's Pouring! (195k): Rainfall in Hawaii occurs primarily in windward and mountain areas where moist northeast trade winds rise, cool and condense to form clouds or rain.

Grade 4
(these lessons accompany the Exploring the Islands series)

Plunging into the Water Cycle (449k): How the water cycle works (more in-depth than Wheel of Water); testing for evaporation, transpiration, infiltration, and condensation.

Water Watchers (159k): Exploring impact of land use on our water supplies, importance of watersheds, water conservation, and groundwater protection, student reading on how a golf course uses recycled water, and game on water management.

Where Does the Gutter Go? (179k): We can make a difference in our environment and protect our streams and ocean.

Grades 6-8

Hold It! (341k); Hold It Activity (104k): How water and contaminants move through soil; student reading on how pesticides used in agriculture contaminate our groundwater supplies, and a student activity on where to put a landfill.

Undercover Assignment (213k): How groundcover relates to our ecosystems, living organisms, and our water supplies; student reading on groundcover.

Watershed Wisdom (346k): Importance of watersheds; student activity on watershed alliances

Water We Losing? (337k): How commercial, agricultural, and residential water uses impact our community and the environment; student reading on how Lanai utilizes and conserves water resources.

Save Our Water (lesson, 229k; cards, 337k): Environmental issues related to surface and groundwater resources; caring for our water resources; student activity on development vs. water resources

Streams in Hawaii: Yesterday and Today (409k): Water rights issues and mock water commission debate.

Slopes, Soils, and Siltation (596k): How clearing forested slopes affects water and soil resources in Hawaii; watershed protection; student activity on revegetating Kahoolawe; chant on how Hawaiians found water on Kahoolawe. Use the following USGS link to download a topographic map of Kahoolawe for student activity.
USGS Map of Kahoolawe

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